New cooling tower or refurbishment?

CTSNL does not think immediately about the delivery of a new cooling tower when a customer tells us his problem. We investigate if we can solve the problem by replacing the interior of the cooling tower, partly or completely.

In most cases this kind of cooling tower refurbishment has a compatitive price because the foundation and the external piping are not changing at all. And what about the time delay for new development and demolition.

By upgrading you imagine a highly improved water distribution system with a greater number of (for example non-clogging) nozzles, new high efficient cooling tower fill and drift eliminators and when necessary new stainless steel construction parts. And what about the use of falling-water-silencers for noise control.

In some cases CTSNL takes out the complete interior of the cooling tower. The next step is to rebuild the cooling tower state-of-the-art.

Mostly this results in a better thermal performance of the cooling tower, a lower energy consumption of the cooling water pump and the cooling tower fan with a reduction of the noise level.

And of course CTSNL gladly quotes to you a new cooling tower in a glassfiber reinforced polyester and stainless steel quality!